What is Adventure Travel?

Jun 10, 2013
What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is quite different from your regular vacation or weekend city getaway. It frequently involves traveling to remote and exotic spots, away from busy cities flooded with tourists.

People who love adventure travel enjoy unique places and experiences. They climb tall mountains, trek through rainforests in South America, dive with giant pelagic all over the world, swim with dolphins in the Caribbean, walk side by side with Elephants in Africa or skydive in Dubai. They live for the adrenalin rush, love different ways of seeing our planet and meeting fellow adventures. These travelers enjoy hiking, rock and mountain climbing, diving, kayaking, bicycling etc. and they search beautiful new places where they can enjoy their favorite activities.

Adventure tourism is categorized by many as one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. There are many new travel companies that popup nowadays and try to curate to these types of travelers. Even if you are not an adrenalin junkie, you can still go on a wine track or bird watching tour for example, which are also considered as a softer type of adventure traveling.

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