Traveling to the Netherlands – Dutch Culture Do’s and Don’ts

May 31, 2013
Traveling to the Netherlands – Dutch Culture Do’s and Don’ts

When you plan on traveling to the Netherlands, as with travel to any foreign country, soliciting travel tips is a good way to avoid cultural clashes once you are there. You will find that the Netherlands has customs that are similar to American ones. Handshaking is an appropriate greeting and communication is not generally a problem since most Dutch also speak English. Tipping is engaged in minimally in the Netherlands with tips never exceeding a few coins since the meal cost includes the cost of service.

The clothing styles are similar to popular brands that would be recognizable in the United States. It is, however, a conservative country and a useful travel tip is that engaging in displays of debauchery is generally frowned upon. Under Dutch law, everyone over fourteen is also required to carry identification without exception. Travel tips like these can save you embarrassment as well as legal trouble while they inform you about cultural differences that can add to the enjoyableness of your trip.

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