Top 10 USA Adventure Travel Vacation Ideas

Aug 24, 2013
Top 10 USA Adventure Travel Vacation Ideas

Few nations on Earth can compete with the USA adventure travel locations and activities that are available to people that travel America each year. The wide variety of unique experiences, however, can make deciding where to spend your vacation a tedious process. In the spirit of avoiding that tedium, since it is a vacation after all, a top ten list of the best American adventure travel vacation ideas has been compiled for your convenience.

List of the Top 10 USA Adventure Travel Vacation Destinations

  1. Portland, Oregon- Wilderness parks abound both in and around this city that provide access to some of the most extensive mountain bike trails in the country. Virtually any outdoor activity can be found here and you could travel America, never finding a location that compares with so many adventure activities in one place.
  2. Miami, Florida- This seaside city offers ocean based adventure limited only by the imagination. This locale is famous for its deep sea fishing excursions as well as such other activities as sailing, parasailing, and scuba diving around the various keys that are nearby.
  3. Moab, Utah- When it comes to white water rafting, the sheer power of the water is nowhere more evident than it is in the Grand Canyon. This area also gives access to some of the most grueling rock climbing surfaces in the nation.
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada- This city is best known for its gambling, entertainment and nightlife but it also provides a wide variety of adventurous activity. The Stratosphere Casino plays host to several rooftop suspension attractions including bungee jumping while nearby Mount Charleston provides a more natural setting that is ideal for hiking, camping, and rock climbing.
  5. Chaco Canyon, New Mexico- This ancient home to the no longer present Ancestral Puebloans is a federally protected one with extensive trails for long distance bicycle riding. Camping and hiking are common activities with such notable rock climbing faces as Fajardo Butte within the area.
  6. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania- This city provides something to extreme sports for a few days at the end of September that no other city in the USA can claim. It is host to the largest highland games in America with such amazing feats of strength and skill as the caber-toss and stone-put as a testament to the Celtic heritage that makes up much of the Northeast and is home to one of the best skate and bicycle parks in the world.
  7. Huntington Beach, California- This beachside city has long been associated with surfing and boasts some of the best shoreline features for the sport in the world. Recent tourist demand has also created a burgeoning support and service industry surrounding kite-surfing.
  8. Aspen Mountain, Colorado- Aspen Mountain is an area well known for extreme skiing and snowboarding just outside of Aspen, Colorado. It boasts some of the most grueling natural terrain and inclines the Rocky Mountains have to offer.
  9. North Las Vegas, Nevada- Before it needs to be asked; this is a separate city from Las Vegas and is home to one of the most free-wheeling airports in the nation. The local airport houses several notable flying schools but also hosts such extreme attractions as skydiving, as well as a runway best known for servicing experimental and custom-built aircraft.
  10. Denali, Alaska- In the USA, adventure travel often centers on national parks and the one at Denali encompasses an area of over six million acres and is home to some of the harshest wilderness on the continent. It has long been known for scenic camping, canoeing, and rafting.

This list represents the best and most diverse offerings for vacation locales USA adventure travel has to offer the thousands of people that travel America every year. Each of them represents a hotspot for tourists and adventure seeking locals to combine to create memorable experiences. No matter what climate or environment you prefer, options abound to meet the needs of the most discerning of travelers and you need look no further to find them.

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