Some of the Hottest Careers for Those That Love to Travel

Oct 15, 2013
Some of the Hottest Careers for Those That Love to Travel

If you’d ever imagined living your life traveling from place to place, experiencing new cultures and exploring foreign destinations, then maybe these ten career options could be something for you to consider.  After all, who doesn’t want to get paid while having a lovely cruise in the Bahamas?


Flying High as a Pilot

Whether flying a jet or for the government air force, pilots are ones to envy.  They travel across the globe almost every day and the salary is one of the best paying jobs around today.


Chopping it Up as an International Chef

If you’re one that can take the heat and love to stay in the kitchen, becoming a chef is a career choice to think about, especially one at an international restaurant.  This type of dining facility gives their chefs a chance to expose their food creations around the world through the help of other international restaurants by swapping them for a short time and thus allowing them to explore and exchange knowledge and skills.


Exploring New Cultures as an International Journalist

In terms of a journalism career, there is none quite like that of an international journalist. Imagine visiting interesting places, meeting and connecting with all types of different people, all while collecting a paycheck in the process! The best way to jump into this career is to enroll in a journalism class that offers international internship programs after graduation. If you are looking to take this up in the US, there should be very little difficulty, as most journalism schools offer this option.


Seeing the World as a Travel Journalist

Although, this is slightly similar to a career as an international journalist, this job is safer. It is extremely unlikely you will ever be sent to a war driven location such as Iraq or Afghanistan to write an article promoting a new travel park.


Becoming a Solider in the Military

If protecting and serving your country while seeing the world has ever crossed your mind, you may mull over joining the military. Many soldiers are assigned to different camps and bases around the globe. This may not be the safest career choice, but it can be extremely exciting and rewarding.


Giving Others the Gift of Language as an English Teacher

For individuals who are native speakers or at least have a good outstanding command of the English language, congratulations! It’s an odd one when learning it as a secondary language.  You may find a successful career with ESL (English as a Second Language) programs in different countries around the world. As you are reading this, there is a great demand for English teachers in Korea, Singapore, Japan and China.


Working Internationally in Foreign Services

You can also pursue a degree in international studies and seek a career with foreign embassies. A career as personnel of an embassy is rewarding and brings honor as a dignitary in a foreign state.


Changing the World in NGOs (Non-Government Organizations)

A career in Non-Government Organizations is one driven by passion. If you have the urge to change the world and want to travel while doing so, it could be a choice to consider. There are numerous career opportunities for travel lovers and the free-spirited in this field. Whether you are very knowledgeable in peace policies, conflict resolution, or humanitarian works, NGOs and charities that operate around the globe can help you.

The best way to get started is by checking online sources which will provide you with different names and information of NGOs established throughout the United States. You may also want to check into employment at the United Nations headquarters in New York City and climb up the ladder until you are promoted to a position that travels.


Staying on the Go as an International Business Executive

As a kid, most of us have seen ourselves in this position, but you can actually be that person. Whether as a CEO or a Vice President, being the top dog of a multi-national company has its benefits and luxurious perks. Having to travel to India to sign a 300 million-dollar partnership or visiting a branch in Guangdong isn’t a bad way to spend a couple of days out of your year.


Exploring the World in Disguise as a Spy

Well, as a spy or a secret agent you can visit different locations such as underground London or a forest headquarters of artillery in Chile. Although Maxwell Smart made it look simple and easy, this job is extremely dangerous but can be very rewarding.

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