Saving Money on Traveling Cost

Dec 16, 2013
Saving Money on Traveling Cost

Traveling often includes having to book a hotel to ensure you have a cozy place to rest your head for a few days. But with the rising cost of air fare and gasoline on road trips, finding an acceptable place to lodge on a budget can be a bit tricky. If this is the case, consider a few of these tips to save money when booking a hotel.

It’s no surprise that the best place to look for great deals and rates is online. Most companies post promos and special offers on their website. While browsing, you may even find a site that offers airline tickets and hotels which is good for companies who don’t have corporate rates.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, compare the selections and go for whichever is offering the best deal for your needs.

If you are one who likes to interact with an actual person and call up a hotel, don’t be afraid to ask if they offer any discounts. Booking just off the quoted price could be costly. It’s very possible that the hotel will give a special rate to cardholders of one of your credit card companies. Additionally, there are almost always discounts for members of organizations such as AARP and AAA, especially in the USA. You’ll never know until you ask.

If you’re taking a road trip and are not one who plans every single detail, you can still find ways to save money on your lodging.  Many gas stations, restaurants and visitor centers usually have a section that is overstocked with free brochures and coupons. Such discounts could easily save you $10, $20 or more per night so you can use the money on something else.

If no promos and no coupons are readily available, try your luck and see if you can negotiate a reasonable price for staying in the hotel where you stop. We also need to mention that there is a chance you could get a discounted rate if you happen to be a member of the military, a club, part of a union or a professional organization.

Should the hotel be unable to give you a discount, don’t waste your time continuing to try to negotiate. You may just want to consider other places which you may have not thought about previously. This could mean that the rooms may be smaller and the service they give may not be equal to what you have experienced in the past but consider it an adventure. Who knows, there could be other things which may surprise and even impress you during your stay.

As with most travel arrangements, booking your hotel 3 months or longer in advance will generate some of the best deals and rates compared to booking a reservation a week or two before your actual arrival. It truly is the best way to cut hotel cost.

However, it should be noted that this is not always the case and things can be far more different when you are part of a contingent and you are booking for a large number of people for the next few days. Because even if a hotel gives you a discounted rate, they will also make money due to the amount of guests that will not only sleep in the rooms, but also use some of the amenities the hotel offers including eating in their restaurants.

No matter what your budget may be, there are many ways to save money when booking a hotel. Looking for good deals online is a great place to start, but not the only method.  Calling them on the phone may work better for some people in order to ask about their special rates and discounts or simply by using your charm to negotiate at check in. You should also never forget to ask for an upgraded room. Good luck and happy lodging.

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