Miami Then and Now

Oct 1, 2013
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Miami Then and Now

With beautiful warm days in January and non-stop partying anytime of the year, it’s easy to see why Miami is one of the top travel destinations in the US. But it wasn’t always that way apparently. Being 20 something and not a native of the Sunshine State, it’s really hard to imagine Miami as anything other than what it is today, South Beach especially.

After running across an article which was looking at a few favorite cities in Florida “Now and Then”, I’m in disbelief! To think Ocean Drive, now one of the most popular strips of South Beach, was once a somewhat deserted road, rarely traveled, lined with coconut trees.  As for the rest of South Beach, unsettled farmland.  That was until there was a major hotel boom in the 1930’s attracting only the wealthiest of wealthy.   Miami Beach did not become the Miami that we know and love today until the mid 80’s.

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  • Pedro, October 17, 2013

    Wow, it’s incredible how a city can be modified in a short time

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