Family Adventure Travel Ideas – Swim with Dolphins in the Caribbean and Hawaii

Jun 6, 2013
Family Adventure Travel Ideas – Swim with Dolphins in the Caribbean and Hawaii

Many consider dolphins very beautiful and smart animals and when you get to swim next to one you will understand why. Swimming with dolphins is a pretty popular activity worldwide, especially among the more adventurous tourists and families on vacation. It can be a great fun for the whole family, as it’s quite safe.  You and your kids can hug dolphins, kiss them, and let them swim around you in concentric circles and much more.

Swimming with these beautiful creatures can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 per person; however, some facilities may offer discounts for children.  It is widely popular in the Caribbean destinations such as the Bahamas and Dominican Republic and, of course, in the state of Hawaii. Most sessions last about 30-45 minutes depending on the activities that you choose. Nearly every facility has a photographer, so you can buy photos after the swim and share them with your friends and family. If you ever find yourself looking for a unique adventure travel experience in one of these tropical vacation destinations, make sure to book swimming with dolphins’ adventure.

I have to tell you my son wanted to do this while we were in the Bahamas and I thought okay I would get in the water and give it a try too–not knowing the joy I would soon experience and the adrenalin rush from having one of these huge fish swim next to me, much less touch one. Definitely, up there on the travel adventure list and an experience you should try.

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