Common Russian Terms When Traveling to Moscow

Jun 11, 2013
Common Russian Terms When Traveling to Moscow

When traveling to Moscow, soliciting travel tips about commonly used Russian terms is a good place to start. Greetings can generally be summed up to a general hello (“zdrastvooyte”), good morning (“dobraye ootro”), good afternoon (“dobriy den”), and good evening (“dobriy vyecher”). “Spaseeba” is the word for “thank you” and “prasteete” is how you say “excuse me”. One of the more useful phrases is “vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?” which means “do you speak English?”. To tell someone your name, you would say “meenya zahvoot” followed by your name. “Kahk vahs zahvoot”, on the other hand, is how you ask someone for their name. Travel tips regarding getting around might include words like “leva and prava” which are “left and right”. The name for a street is “ulitsa” and the car you drive is a “machina”. Looking for travel tips before you travel to Moscow is a good way to familiarize yourself with the culture and make sure you can communicate at a basic level with non-English speakers.

Share common words that apply when traveling in Russia with the Russian word and English translation in the comments section below.

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