Asia Travel Made Simple

Jun 17, 2013
Asia Travel Made Simple

Asia is the biggest continent on planet Earth and it hosts about 60% of world’s current population. Many people from United States and Europe are fond of exploring Asian countries since their culture drastically differs from what they are used to.

The largest continent has a rich history and diverse cultures and religions, which means there are many ancient cities and temples that you can explore. When it comes to Asia travel, many people choose to visit cities like Beijing in China or the Japanese capital city, Tokyo. There are few cities that had almost no visitors about 20 years ago like Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Shanghai, China; however, due to their massive and rapid expansion they are now filled with tourists and businessmen.

If you are an adventurous traveler, why not take the ride on the longest railway line in the world – Trans-Siberian railway. It starts in Moscow and then goes through most of Russia all the way to Vladivostok on the eastern coast of the continent. Don’t worry, if you are more of a sit-back and enjoy on the beach kind of traveler, many beaches in Thailand and countless islands of the Philippines will not disappoint.

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