A Different Aruba – Adventure

Dec 2, 2013
A Different Aruba – Adventure

Welcome to part two of our three part series exploring Aruba and shedding a new light on the adventure this island has to offer.

Natural Pool

Nestled in a unique formation of rock, volcanic stone circles, you’ll find a tranquil pool. Located in Parke Arikok, the Natural Pool or conchi is a secret hidden pool on the windward coast surrounded by rocks. Once known as Cura di Tortuga, it was a safe haven for sea turtles. Here you can swim, snorkel, feed the fish, dive from rocks or just relax. The pool is not accessible, however, when the waves are high, and the terrain is more than challenging. It is recommended to ask a local what’s the best way to get to this secret geological treasure.

Frenchman’s Pass

A Frenchman tried to invade Aruba in the early half of the 17th century.  In those days, French pirates roamed the Caribbean area. Gaspeti, an Indian Tribal Head, tried to stop them in a narrow passage, which is now known as Frenchman’s Pass (Franse Pas or Rooi Frances). Gaspeti and his Indians were driven back and fled, hiding in a cave at Canashitu. The barking of a dog betrayed their hiding place and the Frenchmen lit a fire at the entrance to the cave, killing all the Indians. It is believed that their ghosts preside over this tranquil, scenic spot.

Alto Vista Chapel

The church at Alto Vista, which is also known as the Pilgrim’s Chapel, is built on a high plain near the north coast of the island. In the middle of the 18th century, Indians withdrew to more solitary regions and chose Alto Vista because there was a well there that supplied salty water.

Domingo Silvestre had the idea to build the island’s first Roman Catholic Church after the death of his son-in-law, Minguel Enrique Alvarez, on April 20, 1750. The chapel was rebuilt in 1952 on the site of the original structure. To this day, the chapel still has the original antique Spanish cross that was carried during processions in its earlier years. The road to get to this small, picturesque chapel is a winding one lined with white crosses marking the Stations of the Cross. It is a special place for prayer and contemplation in a magnificent natural setting.


If you are enjoying this exploration, check back for more travel adventure ideas to think about when in Aruba.  

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